Baby Boy Names Starting with T

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Name Meaning Like
Tamohar Who Dispels Darkness, The Sun
Tamohara One who Removes Darkness
Tamojit Conqueror of Darkness
Tamonash Destroyer of ignorance
Tamori The Sun
Tamra Copper red
Tamras Day Lotus, Copper, Gold
Tamwar Cute, Really Quite
Tana Issue, Name of the Great Marathi Worrier
Tanak Prize
Tanaka Reward
Tanan Happy
Tanav Flute
Tanava Life
Tanay Son of Wind, Son
Tanaya Son of Wind, Son, Lord of Ganesh, Daughter
Tanda Peace
Tandava Violent Dance of Shiva
Tandeep Inner Soul, Light
Tandi Beloved
Tandu Jump
Tandya Lord Shiva, Shiva Dance
Taneesh Ambition
Tanel God is My Judge
Tanesh Lord Shiva
Tangavelu Flute
Tanguy Fighter
Tanhita Most Advance
Tani Valley
Tanik Little
Tanim Wave of the Sea, Rhythm
Tanip Sun, The Sun
Tanish Jewel, Ambition, Lord Shiva, Diamond
Tanishk Diamond, Gem, Daughter
Tanishka Goddess of gold, Daughter, Goddess of Gold
Tanishq Precious, Gold, Sweet, Diamond, Shine, Jewel
Tanisk Daughter