Baby Boy Names Starting with T

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Name Meaning Like
Talmadge Tall, Surname, Lake Between Two Towns
Taloot Commander
Talum Be Sympathetic
Talun Young, Youthful
Talut Saul
Talvir A Beautiful Gift
Talwar Sword
Talwinder Desire for the Love for Lord
Tamaghna Lord Shiva
Tamam Everything, Generous
Tamar From Tamar
Tamara Flower
Tamas Darkness, Twin, Dark
Tameem Perfect, Complete
Tameez Sense, Manners, Discretion
Tamera The Beloved Land
Tameron Crooked Nose
Tamhane Wonderful, Shashi in Malayalam
Tamid Short Name of Mutamid
Tamila Sun, The Sun
Tamilan Tamil Man, Thamizhan
Tamilarasan King of Tamil
Tamilarasu King of Tamil
Tamilko Tamil King
Tamilmani Tamil Gem, Lord of Murugan
Tamilvanan King of Writer
Tamim Complete, Strong
Tamir Owns Palm Trees, Tall and Slender, Tall
Tamish God of Darkness, Moon
Tamishwar The Moon
Tamiz Distinguishing, Judgement Discrimination
Tamizuddin Distinction of the Religion Islam
Tamjid Praise, Glorification, Extolment
Tamkeen Dignity, Gravity, From Muslim
Tamkinat Pomp
Tammam Generous
Tamman Complete, Perfect
Tamoghna Sun, Moon, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva