Baby Boy Names Starting with T

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Name Meaning Like
Takis All Holy
Taksa King bharats son
Taksh God Ganesha, Strong, Eyes Like a Pigeon
Taksha King bharats son, Eyes like a pigeon
Takshak A carpenter
Takshal Strong
Takshay Lord Ganesha
Taksheel A Strong Character
Takul Strong, Good Nature
Tal Dew, Rain
Talaat Appearance of Sun, Aspect
Talab Demand
Talak To Release
Talal Nice, Dew, Fine Rain, Nice Admirable
Talan Claw, Nail
Talank Auspicious, Lord Shiva
Talat Prayer, Countenance
Talav Flute
Talbert Bright Valley
Talbot Boot Maker, Tall, Surname, Bloodhound
Talbott Boot Maker, Tall, Surname
Taleb Student
Taleem Education
Talen Claw, Nail
Talford Tall, Surname
Talha Kind of Tree
Talhah Kind of Tree
Talib Divine, Seeker, Another Name for God
Taliesin Sixth Century Poet
Talim Education, Instruction
Talish Lord of Earth
Tallaj Excellent, Happiness
Tallbot An Aristocratic Last Name in England
Tallbott An Aristocratic Last Name in England
Talleen Strong, Absorbed
Tallon Claw, Tall, Surname