Baby Boy Names Starting with O

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Name Meaning Like
Omran Solid Structure, Lifetime
Omrao King
Omri Sheaf of Corn, King of Israel
Omswaroop Manifestation of divinity
Omu God
Ona Full of Grace
Onain Vision
Ondrei Man Warrior
Ondrej Manly, Brave, Strong, Masculine
Oneesh Lord of mind
Onfre Peace
Onfroi Peace, Peaceful Hun
Onik Various, Soldier
Onil Wind
Onir Shining
Onis Lord of mind
Onish Lord Krishna, Lord of mind
Onkar Lord Shiva, God's Name, Primal Being
Onkarjeet Victory with Lord's Name
Onnesha Honesty
Onni Happiness, Luck
Onofrio Peace
Onslow From the Zealous One's Hill
Onslowe From the Zealous One's Hill
Onur Honor
Oodaye To Rise
Opasa Drink
Ophir Fruitful Region
Opinder Proximity to God, Nearness to God
Opkar Beneficence
Oppilamani Incomparable
Orahamm From the Riverbank Enclosure
Oram From the Riverbank Enclosure
Oran Little Pale Green One, Green, Pale One
Orazio Timekeeper, Has Good Eyesight
Orban City-dweller, Educated Man
Orbert Wealthy
Ord Spear
Ordell Beginning