Baby Boy Names Starting with O

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Name Meaning Like
Okhil Brilliant
Okke Wealth, Fortune
Okko Wealth, Fortune
Okmar First Born, Brave
Okoth Born when it was Raining
Okya Brave, Air
Oladele Honors, Wealth Arrive at Home, From Yoruba
Olaf Ancestor's Heirloom, Descendants, Ancestor
Olaff Ancestor
Olam Master of the World
Olaus Ancestor
Olav Ancestor's Relic, Relic
Olave Ancestral Heritage, Relic
Olavi Family Descendant
Olbrecht Famous, Noble, Bright
Oldrich One with Riches and Power
Oleg Holy, Sacred, Blessed, Prosperous
Olen Holy, Ancestor, Relic
Olever Young
Olfa Familiarity, Intimacy
Olgierd Fame
Oli Courageous, Elf Army
Olin Holly, Ancestor
Oliva Olive Tree, Olive
Oliver Olive Tree, Elf Army
Olivier From the Olive Tree
Oliviero An Olive Tree
Olivio Olive Tree
Olka Homeland
Ollaneg From Olney
Olle Family Descendant, Ancestor
Olli Heir of the Ancestors, Descendent
Ollie Olive Tree, Form of Oliver, An Olive
Olliver Peaceful, An Olive Tree
Olly Elf Warrior
Olney From Olney
Olof Ancestor, Relic
Olov Ancestor