Baby Boy Names Starting with G

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Name Meaning Like
Gaganjyot Light of the Sky
Gaganpreet Love of Sky
Gaganvihari One who stays in heaven
Gagnesh Son of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva
Gahan Sky, Lord Vishnu, Depth, Profound
Gahana Ornament, Golden Chain
Gahlot Wild
Gaige Surety, Pledge, Moneylender
Gaile Cheerful, Happy, Foreigner, Stranger
Gaillard Lively, High-spirited
Gais Happy
Gaish Tempest, Commotion
Gaith Rain
Gaius One who Rejoices, Great, Magnificent
Gaj Son of Yamraj (Lord of Death), Polish
Gaja Elephant, Strong, Powerful
Gajaadhar One who can Command an Elephant
Gajab Amazing
Gajadhar One who can Command an Elephant
Gajan Thunder, To Roar
Gajanan One with elephant face
Gajanana One with elephant face
Gajananan Lord Ganesh, Lord ganapathy
Gajanand Lord Ganesh
Gajapathi One with Elephant Face
Gajapati Master of Elephant, Lord Ganesha
Gajaraja King of the Elephants
Gajari Enemy of Elephant, Lord Shiva
Gajendar Ganesh, Kushwah
Gajender King of Elephant and Indralok, Indradev
Gajendra The King of Elephants, Elephant king
Gajendran King of Elephant
Gajesh Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva
Gajinder King of Elephants
Gajnan Root of a Lotus, Elephant
Gajra Garland of flowers