Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Page 4 1976 Modern Baby Boy Names Found For Baby Names Starting With Letter C. To Find Most Unique And Modern Name Browse All 1976 Names.

Name Meaning Like
Carel Strong, A Free Man
Carey Place Name, Near the Castle, Dark One
Cariman Beauty, Movable
Cario Strong, Manly, The Italian Form of Charles
Caritra Character, Nature, Behaviour
Carleton Peasant, Settlement, Farmer's Town
Carley Place Name, The Fortified Tower
Carlie Small Champion
Carlino Manly
Carlisle From the Walled City, Place Name
Carlitos Free Man, Masculine
Carlo Strong, Man, Strong and Masculine
Carlos Strong and Manly, Masculine
Carlson Settlement of Free Men, Free Men's Town
Carlton Settlement of Free Men, Place Name
Carlus Manly, Strong, A Free Man
Carlyle From the Protected Tower
Carmelo Garden
Carmichael Follower of Michael
Carmin Covered with Hides
Carne Landmark, Memorial of Piled-up Stones
Carnell Defender of the Castle, Winner
Caroll Man
Carolos Strong, Manly
Carri Man, Husband
Carrick Rock
Carrington Place Name and Surname, Beautiful
Carrol Champion, Man
Carroll Champion
Carsen Son of Marsh Dwellers
Carson Mossy Place, Son of the Marsh-dwellers
Carsten Christian, A Follower of Christ
Carston Christian
Carswell Lives at the Watercress Spring
Carter Transporter of Goods with a Cart
Cartere Drives a Cart