Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Page 3 1976 Modern Baby Boy Names Found For Baby Names Starting With Letter C. To Find Most Unique And Modern Name Browse All 1976 Names.

Name Meaning Like
Camden From the Twisting Valley
Cameron Bent Nose, Crooked Stream
Camillo Free-born Child, Noble
Camillus Priest's Assistant, Temple Servant
Camilo Ceremonial, Attendant
Campa Soothing
Campaka Champaka Tree
Campat Fallen from Glory
Campesa Lord of a Campa a Town in Anga
Campu An Elaborate and Literary Form of Presenting a Story in Verse and Prose
Camron Bent Nose, Crooked Nose
Canaan Merchant, Trader, That Humbles and Subdues
Canaka Chickpea
Cancu Renowned, Famous
Cand To Shine, To Gladden
Canda Fierce, Passionate, Violent
Candana Sandalwood, Soothing, Dear to the Gods
Candasa Moon Like
Candila Angry, Hot
Candra Luminescent, Moon
Candresa Lord of the Moon, Lord Shiva
Candrin Golden
Canduri Like the Moon
Canga Understanding, Wise
Canh Scenery, Environment
Canice Attractive, Pleasant
Canura With Thin Thighs
Caolan Slender, Little Slender One
Caomh Lovable
Capala Swift, Lightning
Capin Armed with a Bow
Caradoc Love, Dearly Loved
Caradog Affection, Amiable
Careem Generous