Baby Boy Names Starting with C

Page 2 1976 Modern Baby Boy Names Found For Baby Names Starting With Letter C. To Find Most Unique And Modern Name Browse All 1976 Names.

Name Meaning Like
Caius Happy, Rejoice, Lord
Caj To Rejoice, Sea, Chicken, Hen
Cajetan Rejoiced
Cajus Rejoice
Caka To be Content, To Shine
Cakora Shining, Content
Cakra Wheel, Circle, Discus, The Sun
Cakradhara Bearing a Discus, Emperor
Caksu Eye
Caksusa Seer
Cal Courageous, Adorable, Well Known, Awesome
Cala Talent, Ever Moving
Calapati Lord of the Moving
Calbert Cowherd, Cowboy
Calder Cold Brook, Rough Waters, Stream
Caldre Cold Brook
Caldwell From the Cold Spring, Near a Cold Well
Cale Dog, Bold, Surname Derived from Charles
Caleb Messenger, Bold, Courageous, Faith, Devotion
Calhoun Warrior, Place Name
Calin Powerful Warrior, Variant of Caelan
Calista Beauty of Jannha
Callaghan Strife
Callahan Little Bright Headed One
Calle Thin, Slender
Calli Fortress
Callixtus Chalice, Most Beautiful
Callum Dove, Similar to Malcolm
Calum Dove
Calvert Cowherd, Cowboy, Occupational Name
Calvin Bald One
Calvino Bald, Hairless
Cam Orange Fruit, Man with Crooked Nose
Camar Rod with a Large Tuft of Hair
Camasa Circular, Resembles a Wheel