Baby Boy Names Starting with Yu

Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter Yu - names available. To find most unique and name, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Yuan The Original
Yuba Young
Yubhians Power of Five Pandava
Yudale From the Yew Tree Valley
Yuddha War
Yudell From the Yew Tree Valley
Yudhajit Victor in war, A hero, Soldier
Yudhajita Winner
Yudhajith Victor in war, A hero, Soldier
Yudhav Lord Krishna
Yudhishtar Eldest Among the Pandavas Brothers
Yudhishthir Eldest Pandava Brother
Yudhishthira One who established Yudhisthira back as king
Yudhishtir Eldest Pandavas brother, Firm in battle
Yudhister Represent the Truthful
Yudhisthir Great Man, Firm in Battle
Yudhistir Eldest of Pandavas, Husband of Draupadi
Yudhvan Skilled in War
Yudhveer One who Perform Well in Battle
Yudhvir Victorious Warrior
Yudiraj King of Combat
Yudishtra Firm in Battle
Yudit Praise, Naughty, Natkhat
Yug Time, Age, Generation
Yuga Era, Generation, Lord Murugan
Yugadarman Eldest Pandava Brother
Yugadhara Lord Shiva
Yugakash Lord Shiva
Yugal Pair, Couple
Yugan Youth, Lord Murugan, Murugan
Yugander Time, Dark
Yugandhar Ever lasting
Yugandhar Reddy
Yugandhara Strongest of his Time

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