Baby Boy names starting with 'X'

Baby Boy names starting with letter X - 42 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with X, view all 42 names.

Name Meaning Like
Xakery Respelling of Zachary
Xan Defender of Mankind
Xana Lord of Tribunal Community
Xanadu Mongolian City
Xander Splendid, Defender of Mankind
Xanders Leader, Commander
Xandy Defender of the People
Xanthos Golden-haired, Yellow, Blonde
Xanthus Yellow, Golden-haired, Blonde
Xaven Short
Xavi Key
Xavian Light
Xaviar Bright, Powerful
Xavier Bright, Splendid, The Helper, New House
Xavion A Warrior, Smart
Xaviour Jesus / God Name
Xeno Strange Voice
Xerxes Famous Egyptian King, Ruler over Heroes
Ximenes Listening Intently
Xin Beautiful
Xinavane One who Lives Life Long
Xiomar Famous in Battle, Variant
Xitij The Earth and the Sky Meets
Xolani Peace, Tree
Xsam Dynamic Personality
Xylon From the Forest, Wood or Forest
Xzavier A New House
Xailu Brightness
Xeavi New House
Xhiva God Shiva
Xankar Crossing Shiva
Xeassi Clock
Xetrapati Lord of the Body
Xayadvirah Victorious over Enemies
Xenophon Strange Voice
Xenos Hospitality, Stranger
Xobeen Spear
Xiao-ping Little peace

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