Baby Boy names starting with 'U'

Baby Boy names starting with letter U - 863 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with U, view all 863 names.

Name Meaning Like
Uagar The Lord
Uba The Wealthy
Ubaadah Old Arabic Name
Ubad Worshipers
Ubadah Servant of God, Worship
Ubaid Faithful
Ubaida Servant of God
Ubaidah Servant of God
Ubaidullah Lowly Servant of the Allah
Ubaldo Heart, Spirit, Bold
Ubay Old Arabic Name
Ubaya Wickedness
Ubayd Worshipper
Ubaydah Servant of God
Ubaydullah Servant of Allah
Ubayy One with High Self Esteem
Ucchal The Mind, Understanding, Perception
Uchit Right, Correct
Ucita Pleasurable
Udadhi Ocean
Udai The Rising, To Rise
Udaibir Rising Brave
Udail Old Arabic name
Udaiprakash Rising Light
Udaiyan Rising
Udale From the Yew Tree Valley
Udall From the Yew Tree Valley
Udanda Nemesis of evils and vices
Udant Correct message
Udapi God, One who Attains Success
Udar Generous
Udara Great
Udarchis Lord Shiva
Udari Kindhearted Person
Udarsh Brimming

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