Baby Boy names starting with 'Tr'

Baby Boy names starting with letter Tr - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Tr, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Traaman Protection
Traanan Guarding
Trace Fighter, Brave
Tracey France, Brave, Place Name, From Thracia
Tracy Fighter, Brave, Warlike
Trader A form of well-trodden path
Trae Three
Trai Sparkle
Trailokva The three worlds
Traimbak Lord Shiva
Trajan Unconquered
Tramaine From the Big Town
Trambak Lord Shiva, Lord Venkatewara
Trambakeshwar Name of God Shiva and Vishnu
Trampas Love
Tranav Sun
Trang Dawn, Decorated, Honored
Tranter Wagoner, To Convey
Traveon Fair Town, Abbreviation of Trevelyan
Travers Toll Taker, From the Crossroads
Travion Fair Town, Abbreviation of Trevelyan
Travis To Cross the River, Form of Travers
Travishtav Lord Shiva
Travon Fair Town, Abbreviation of Trevelyan
Tray A form of trey
Trayaksh Name of Lord Shiva
Trayton Town Full of Trees
Tre Three
Treadway Strong Warrior
Tredway Strong Warrior
Treef Strange, Rare, Curious, Uncommon
Treet Lord of Water, Holy Water
Treffen Meets
Trefor Large Homestead, Large Settlement

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