Baby Boy names starting with 'R'

Baby Boy names starting with letter R - 2959 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with R, view all 2959 names.

Baby Boy names starting with 'R' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Radmund Red Haired Defender, Counselor, Protector
Radnor From the Red Shore
Radolf Red Wolf
Radolph Red Wolf
Radom Happy, Peace
Radomil Happy Peace
Radomir Joyful World, Happy Peace, Great, Famous
Radoslaw Glad for Glory
Radu Care
Radwan Delicious, Delight
Rae Grace, Doe
Raeborn From the Roe-deer Brook
Raeborne From the Roe-deer Brook
Raebourn From the Roe-deer Brook
Raed Leader, Red
Raedanoran From the Red Shore
Raedburne Lives by the Red Stream
Raedclyf From the Red Cliff
Raedford From the Red Ford
Raedleah From the Red Meadow
Raedmund Red Haired Defender
Raedpath Lives Near the Red Path
Raeef Compasionate, Kind
Raees Wealthy, Rich, Chief, Lover
Raem One who has a Desire and Searches
Raemond Counselor, Protector
Raemondo Counselor, Protector
Rafael God has Healed, Healer
Rafaele God has Healed
Rafaello God has Healed, Form of Raphael
Rafan Beautiful, Graceful
Rafaqat Friendship, Closeness
Rafat Elevating, Elevation

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