Baby Boy names starting with 'R'

Baby Boy names starting with letter R - 2959 names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with R, view all 2959 names.

Baby Boy names starting with 'R' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Radclyffe From the Red Cliff
Raddha Soul of Krishna
Radek Glad
Radeliffe From the Red Cliff
Radell A Star
Raden Lesser Nobility
Radey To Ready for Something
Radferd From the Red Ford
Radford From the Red Ford
Radfurd From the Red Ford
Radhacharan Lotus Feet of Radharani
Radhak Generous, **, Liberal
Radhakant Lord of Radha, Lord Krishna
Radhakanta Lord Krishna
Radhakrishna Radha and Krishna
Radhan Satisfaction
Radhanath Lord Krishna
Radhatanaya Son of Radha,
Radhav Lord Krishna
Radhee Satisfied, Content
Radhesh Lord Krishna, A name of Lord Krishna
Radheshyam Lord Krishna
Radhev Lord Krishna
Radhey Karna
Radheya Warrior Karna, Son of Sun
Radheyshyam Lord Krishna and Radha
Radhi Satisfied, Content
Radhika Successful, Prosperous
Radhu Lord Krishna
Radhwan Acceptance, Consent
Radia Wife of Lord Krishna
Raditya Sun
Radjoe Rhythm
Radlee From the Red Meadow
Radleigh From the Red Meadow
Radley From the Red Meadow
Radly From the Red Meadow

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