Baby Boy Names Starting with O

Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter O - 589 Names Available. To Find Most Unique And Modern Name, View All 589 Names.

Name Meaning Like
Oakden From the Oak Tree Valley
Oakes From the Oak, Near the Oak Trees
Oaklee From the Oak Tree Meadow
Oakleigh From the Oak Tree Meadow
Oakley From the Oak Tree Meadow
Oakly From the Oak Tree Meadow
Oates Son of Otto
Obaid Small Slave
Obed A Servant, Workman, Servant of God, Serving
Oberon Elf Ruler, High-born and Bearlike
Oberron Highborn, Bearlike
Obert Wealthy and Bright
Obinna Father's Heart
Obuli Name of a Hindu God
Ochs Place Name, Near the Oak Trees
Octavio Eighth Child
Octavius Eighth Born
Odale Of the Valley
Odall Rich, Song
Odam Son in Law
Odan Cloud, Grain Cooked with Milk
Odayle Of the Valley
Oden Inspiration
Odhavji Lord Krishna
Odi Wealthy Defender, Protector of Prosperity
Odie Otter, Song, Rich
Odika First Son
Odilo Rich
Odin Inspiration, Wealthy Defender
Odo Name of a Bishop, Prosperous, Wealth, Rich
Odolf Prosperous Wolf
Odolff Prosperous Wolf
Odom Son in Law
Odran Pale, Pale Green
Odwolfe Wealthy Wolf

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