Baby Boy Names Starting with M

Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter M - 3507 names available. To find most unique and name, view all 3507 names.

Name Meaning Like
Maad An Old Arabian Tribe's Name, Man
Maadhava The Husband of the Goddess of Fortune
Maagh Name of a Hindu Month
Maah The Obliterator of Infidelity
Maahin Greatest
Maahir Skilled, Expert, Brave
Maaiz Strong
Maajid Glorious, Honourable, Generous, Splendid
Maajidah Generous, Splendid, Glorious, Honourable
Maali Noble, Sublime, Excellency
Maalik God, Experience, Rama's Twin Son
maalin One who makes garlands
Maamun Trustworthy
Maan Heart, Mind, Lecturer, Respect
Maanas Human, Powers
Maanasa Mind, Conceived in the mind
Maanasi With a sound mind, A lady
Maanav Human Being, Man
Maani One who Prevents
Maanik Ruby
Maanika Full of Respect, Ruby, Of jewels
Maaran Brave
Maari Rain, God
Maarij The 70th Surah of the Quran
Maarimuthu Prosperous
Maaruf Popular, Famous
Maat Truth, Law
Maawiya A Young Dog or Fox
Maayan Water source
Maaz Wooden, A Friend of Prophet Muhammad
Maazin Proper Name
Mabarak Well Wisher
Mabood Variant of Ma'bud, Worshipped, Adored
Mabrook Loved by God, Beautiful
Mabrouk Blessed
Mabruk Wishes
Mabud Worshipped, Adored

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