Baby Boy names starting with 'Is'

Baby Boy names starting with letter Is - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Is, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Is Haaq A Prophet's Name
Isaac Laughing One, Laughter, He will Laugh
Isaak Laughter, He will Laugh, Joyful, Cheerful
Isaam Safeguard, Guard
Isaamm Safeguard
Isaar Selflessness
Isabis Something Beautiful
Isac Laughter, He will Laugh
Isacco Laughter
Isad Making Happy or Prosperous, Blessing
Isador Gift of Isis
Isadore Gift of Isis
Isadoro Strong Gift, Gift of Isis
Isaiah The Lord Helps Me, God's Helper
Isaiarasu King of music
Isaias Salvation of Jehovah, God's Helper
Isaikannan Person who Loves Music
Isaiko King of Music
Isaimani Gem of Music
Isaivalan Skilled musician
Isaivanan Skilled in Music
Isak Laughter, He will Laugh
Isam Self-made, Security, Pledge
Isamm Safeguard
Isan Bestower of Riches
Isana Ruler, Guardian of the North East
Isanam Light, Splendour
Isar Eminent, Lord Shiva, Selflessness
Isarco Eminent, Lord Shiva
Isat Superiority, Greatness
Isaurus Hailing from a place called Isauria
Isav God of Jesus

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