Baby Boy names starting with 'Ir'

Baby Boy names starting with letter Ir - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Ir, view all names.

Name Meaning Like
Ira Watchful, Wind, Descendants, Vigilant, Alert
Iraaivan Lord, Lord Kadavul
Iraavanan Man who is Very Strong in his Principles
Iraianbu Divine Love
Iraivan God
Iraiyan Blessed
Iraiyavan Blessed by the supreme
Iraj Lord Hanuman, Flower
Iraja Born of the Wind
Iram The Effusion of them, A High Heap
Irama Happiness of the Earth
Irana Lord of braves
Iravaj Born of water
Iravan King of Ocean, Son of Arjuna
Iravanth Arjun's Son
Iravat Rain clouds
Iravata Possessing Water or Milk, Ocean, Cloud
Iravath Indra's Elephant
Iravati Lightening, Ravi river
Iraveta Lord Hanuman
Iravnath Son of Arjuna
Irawat The Celestial White Elephant of Indra
Ireneusz Peaceful
Irenpreet Loving
Iresh Lord of Earth, Vishnu:, Lord of earth
Iresha Lord of the Earth
Irfaan Thankfulness, Knowledge, Wisdom
Irfad Helpful
Irfan Wisdom, Gratefulness, Knowledgeable
Irfan Ahmed
Iri Lord Hanuman, Son of Wind
Irimpu King of Ocean
Irin King of warriors
Irina Peace
Irish Lord of the earth

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