Baby Boy names starting with 'In'

Baby Boy names starting with letter In - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with In, view all names.

Baby Boy names starting with 'In' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Ina Lord Surya (Sun), Illuminate, Light Up
Inaam King of the Earth, Reward, Favour, Prize
Inaayat Gift
Inab Grape
Inabah Vine
Inaiyil Nail
Inakanta Beloved of Sun
Inaksh Flower
Inam Act of Benefaction
Inamdaar Gift Giver
Inamul-Haq Gift of Truth (Allah)
Inamul-Hasan Beautiful Gift of Allah
Inamulhaq Gift of Truth Allah
Inan Sun, Lord, Master, King
Inas Capable, Sociability, Able, Strong, Bold
Inayat Concern Attention, Kindness, Loving, Bounty
Inayatuddin Care of Religion Islam
Inayatullah Care of Allah
Inayatur-Rahman Care of the Most Gracious (Allah)
InayaturRahman Care of the Most Gracious Allah
Inban Enjoying Person
Inbanathan Happy
Inbaraj King of Happiness
Inbaselvam Happy and Wealthy Man
Inbaselvan Capable, Sociability
Inbashelvan Happy and Wealthy Man
Inbavanan Happiest Person
Inbisat Comfort
Ince Innocent
Indal Different
Indar Lord
Indarbir Lord of Bravery
Indardeep Light of the Lord
Indaresh Lord Vishnu
Indarjeeet Victory of the Lord

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