Baby Boy names starting with 'Bu'

Baby Boy names starting with letter Bu - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Bu, view all names.

Baby Boy names starting with 'Bu' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Bubai In the World
Bubhutsu Desirous to Know All, Curious
Buck A Stag, Male Deer
Buckley Deer Meadow, Male Goat, Deer, Place Name
Bucklie Deer-grazing Meadow
Buckly Deer-grazing Meadow
Bucky Male Deer, Diminutive of Buck
Bud Herald, Messenger, Friend, To Puff Up
Budat Prince
Buddey Friend
Buddha Awakened, Lord Buddha
Buddha Priya One liked by Buddha
Buddhadeb Lord Buddha
Buddhadev Wise person
Buddhadeva Wise Person, Gautam Buddha, Gautama Buddha
Buddhamitra Friend of the Wise
Buddhanandi One who Enjoys Knowledge
Buddhapriya Loved by Buddha, Liked by Buddha
Buddhi Priya Knowledge
Buddhinath God of wisdom
Buddhipriya Knowledge, Knowledge bestower
Buddhisagar Sea of Wisdom
Buddhividhata God of Knowledge, Talented
Buddie Friend
Buddy Herald, Messenger, Friend, Companion
Budh To Know
Budha The Intelligent Person, Wise
Budhadev Lord Sri Buddha
Budhana Lord Buddha
Budhasuta Son of Budha, Son of Wise
Budhh Intelligence
Budhil Learned
Budhila Wise, Learned, Academic
Budhjeet Victory for Wisdom
Budhjiwan Wise Life

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