Baby Boy names starting with 'Ag'

Baby Boy names starting with letter Ag - names available. To find a most unique and beautiful name starting with Ag, view all names.

Baby Boy names starting with 'Ag' - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Agadh Unfathomable
Agadhbodh Having Unfathomable Knowledge
Agadhi Deep, Indescribable
Agadhroop Of Unfathomable Form
Agag Roof, Upper Floor
Agam Extending Far, Profound, Unimaginable
Agama Proof of the Trustworthiness of a Source of Knowledge
Agamadhi Intelligent
Agamani Gem, Gemstone
Agambir Brave as God
Agamemnon Leader of the Greek Forces Against Troy
Agamik First
Agamiya The Karma we perform in this birth
Agamjeet Who Wins the God
Agamjit Victory of God
Agamjot God's Light
Agampal God as Protector
Agampartap Endless Strength
Agampreet Love for God
Agamprem Lover of God
Agamroop Embodiment of God
Aganit Countless, God, Name of Lord Vishnu
Aganith Countless
Agantuk Guest
Aganveer God of Law, Sikh Origin
Aganya Born from fire, Goddess Lakshmi
Agapios Love
Agarv Balanced
Agarva Free from Pride
Agarvin Successful Man
Agarwin Intelligent
Agasthya A name of a sage
Agasti Name of a sage
Agastya Name of a sage
Agathi One Step Ahead of All
Agathian A Name of a Sage
Agathiyan Name of a Saint
Agathon Good
Agavaha Borne by Mountain
Agavoli Intelligent

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