Modern Biblical Baby Boy Names

215 Biblical Baby Boy Names Available To Name Your Cute Baby. Browse All 215 Biblical Baby Boy Names And Choose One Which Is Perfect For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Like
Birsha A Son who Beholds
Elisha God is My Salvation
Gamaliel Recompense of God, Camel of God
Hadad Joy, Noise, Clamour, Mighty, Sharpness
Haran Terah's Son, Brother of Abraham
Izhar Submission, Clearness, Expression
Ishmael Son of Abraham, God Hears
Mehir Sun
Nicodemus Victory of the People, Victorious Person
Paul Small, Little
Peter Rock, Stone, River, Strong
Tomas Twin, A Form of Thomas
Abdi Abbreviated Form of Abdul, My Servant
Amzi Strong and Mighty
Arad Name of an Angel
Azaz Giving Respect
Abdeel A Vapour, A Cloud of God
Buz Ice Cream, Despised, Plundered, Contempt
Barak Thunder, In Vain, Soldier, Lightening
Baasha He that Seeks or Lays Waste
Galal A Roll or Wheel
Haman Abraham's Brother, Noise, Tumult
Harim Companion, Friend, Destroyed
Jabal Which Glides Away
Jahleel Waiting for, Beseeching, Hope in God
Kenan Buyer, Owner, Possession, Archaic
Maaz Wooden, A Friend of Prophet Muhammad
Mibsam Smiling
Nason Helper, Entry-way
Omri Sheaf of Corn, King of Israel
Raham Merciful
Zimran Song, Singer, Vine
Bera A Well, Declaring
Beri My Corn
Bartholomew A Son that Suspends the Waters, Furrow
Claudius Lame, Limping, Disabled
Gershom A Stranger Here, Exile
Ithamar Island of the Palm-tree, Land of Palms
Job Weeps or Cries, The Persecuted
Jonas Dove, He that Oppresses, Destroyer