Biblical Baby Names

292 Biblical Baby Names Available With Name Meaning. Browse All 292 Biblical Baby Names And Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Abdeel A Vapour, A Cloud of God Boys Name
Abdi Abbreviated Form of Abdul, My Servant Boys Name
achaz One that Takes or Possesses Boys Name
Adami My Man, Red, Earthy, Human Boys Name
Agag Roof, Upper Floor Boys Name
Agur Stranger, Gathered Together Boys Name
Alian High Boys Name
Allon An Oak, Strong, Rock, Comely, Oak Tree Boys Name
Alpheus A Thousand, Learned Boys Name
Amnon Faithful and True, Tutor Boys Name
Amon Faithful, True, Educator, Builder, Teacher Boys Name
Amzi Strong and Mighty Boys Name
Anak A Collar, Ornament, A coller Boys Name
Andronicus A Man Excelling Others Boys Name
Aniam A People, The Strength, Sorrow of People Boys Name
Apollonius Destroying, Follower of Apollo Boys Name
Arad Name of an Angel Boys Name
Archelaus The Prince of the People Boys Name
Ard Burning with Enthusiasm Boys Name
Aven Iniquity, Force, Riches, Sorrow Boys Name
Azaz Giving Respect Boys Name
Azriel Help of God, Womanly Boys Name
Baasha He that Seeks or Lays Waste Boys Name
Babel Confusion, Mixture Girls Name
Barak Thunder, In Vain, Soldier, Lightening Boys Name
Bartholomew A Son that Suspends the Waters, Furrow Boys Name
Belial Wicked, Worthless Boys Name
Benaiah Son of the Lord, God has Built Boys Name
Beno His Son Boys Name
Benoni Son of My Sorrow or Pain Boys Name
Bera A Well, Declaring Boys Name
Beri My Corn Boys Name
Bethany House of Figs, House of Poverty Girls Name
Birsha A Son who Beholds Boys Name
Boaz In Strength, Swiftness Boys Name
Buz Ice Cream, Despised, Plundered, Contempt Boys Name
Cainan Possessor, Purchaser, Sixth Boys Name
Calah Favourable, Opportunity Girls Name
Canaan Merchant, Trader, That Humbles and Subdues Boys Name
Cherith Cutting, Piercing, Slaying, Beloved Girls Name

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