Basque Baby Girl Names

34 Basque Baby Girl names available with name meaning. Browse all 34 Basque Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Name Meaning Like
Alize Trade Wind
Apala Name of a Learned Woman of the Past
Arie Nobel
Arima One who has Kingly Features, Soul
Asa Healer, Like, Similar to, Doctor
Aurela Golden Dawn, Wind, Breeze
Ayala Gazelle, Goat, Doe
Erika Ever-powerful, Honorable Ruler
Josune Named for Jesus, God is Salvation
Julene Youth, Young, Down-bearded Youth
June Sixth Month of the Year, June
Landa Reference to the Virgin Mary
Lili German Diminutive of Elizabeth
Maia May, Source of the Month May
Maitane Dearly Loved
Maite Dearly Loved, Lovable
Maitena Dearly Loved, Darling
Martie Lady, Feminine of Martin, Warlike
Mendi Reference to the Virgin Mary
Nerea Mine
Orella Divine Message
Oria Dawning, From the Mountain
Sagari River, Of the Ocean, Of the ocean
Ursola Female Bear
Xaviera Brilliant, New House, Bright, Splendid
Zita Theresa, Harvest, Seeker, Virgin
Zuri Beautiful, White, Light
Lamia Beauty of Darn Lips, Shining, Radiant
Ismene Daughter of Oedipus
Milia Hard Working
Ama Lovable, Born on a Saturday, Aspiration
Baano Lady, Princess
Munia A Small Girl, Bird

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