Basque Baby Boy Names

71 Basque Baby Boy names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 71 Basque Baby Boy names to name your baby on 2021.

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Name Meaning Like
Adon Lord
Alain Handsome, Rock, Comely
Alexander Helper and Defender of Mankind
Ander Lion-man, Masculine, Manly, Brave
Andoni Beyond Praise
Andre Manly, Brave, Masculine, Warrior, Strong
Baiardo Brown Hair
Bakar Morning
Batista Baptist, To Dip
Bazil Royal, Kingly
Denis Named for Saint Denys
Eder A Flock, Herd
Edorta Wealth Protector
Eli Uplifted, Elevation, The Lord will Help
Fermin Strong
Frederik Elf, Magical Counsel, Peaceful Ruler
Garin Guardian, Mighty with a Spear, Grace
Gaston Man from Gascony, My God has Answered Me
Gau Ox, Bull, Cow
Gilen Industrious Pledge
Hanni God has Favored Me
Harri House Owner, Lord of the Owner, Home Ruler
Hori A Prince, Freeborn
Igor Son of the Famous One, Farmer, Protector
Indar Lord
Inge Ing's Soldier, Guarded by Ing
Isidor Gift of Isis
Javier Owner of a New House, Born in January
Joseba God will Multiply, God will Add
Lander From the Grassy Plain, Laundry-man
Lon Fierce, Strong, Warlike, Ready for Battle
Loren Crowned with Laurels, Laurel
Manu Original Man, Letter
Marin Of the Sea, From the God Mars
Markel Of Mars, The God of War
Marko Of Mars, The God of War, From the God Mars
Maurin The Moor
Min Fish, Shy, Truthful, Clever, Sharp
Nikola People of Victory, Victory of the People

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