Baby Names by Origins

Here baby names categorized by origin, language, country and ethnic groups. Totally baby names available for 88 origins and ethnic groups.

Baby names by popular origins

Baby Names by Indian origins

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  • β€œI wonder how everybody originated and still originates from a single blue print -viz - ADAM and how many ethnic divisions have so far resulted on the globe!”

    Jabir on August 7,2022
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  • β€œHey what’s Pennington mean and where does it originate?”

    Emma Pennington on February 21,2022
  • β€œTrying to find out the nationality of a girls name. Auhjanae”

    Connie on November 12,2021
  • β€œMy boy baby name is charen , he is very cute and Hindu talented boy ”

    Charen ram on September 14,2021
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    surya partap on April 27,2019