Baby Names by Numerology

Looking for baby names based upon numerology number? Here is the list of best baby names for all numerology numbers also you will know about numerology number meanings.

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Numerology Number Meanings

Meaning of Numerology Number 1

He/She are a natural leader, independent and individualistic. He/She are extremely ambitious, original, and courageous. He/She employ new and unproven methods. He/She are an explorer and an innovator. Openness to too many peripheral influences limits and frustrates you. He/She are self-reliant, confident, and energetic.

Meaning of Numerology Number 2

He/She have a great talent for working with others; you possess tact and refinement. He/She have a highly developed intuition. This provides you with insight into personalities and situations. Therefore, you act with tact and subtle persuasion. He/She possess a kind of radar, avoiding the landmines within another's personality, yet bringing out their goodwill. These abilities make you the perfect diplomat.

Meaning of Numerology Number 3

He/She are optimistic, inspiring, outgoing, and expressive. People see you as cheerful, positive and charming; your personality has a certain bounce and verve that so powerfully affects others that you can inspire people without effort. All of this upward energy is a symptom of your tremendous creativity. He/Sher verbal skills may well lead you into the fields of writing, comedy, theater, and music.

Meaning of Numerology Number 4

He/She are the bedrock of society, the foundation of any enterprise. He/She are an organizer and manager. He/Sher approach to life and to problems is methodical and systematic. He/She are a builder and a doer. He/She turn dreams into reality. He/She possess a highly developed sense of structure. He/She enjoy management systems, and can carry out your well laid plans. He/She are not the type to embark on any trip without a map.

Meaning of Numerology Number 5

He/She are a free spirit. He/She love change, adventure, and excitement. He/She love your freedom. Like a bird that needs its wings to live, you cannot exist without it. Freedom is the nucleus around which your life revolves. He/She need it for your very survival. By using freedom properly, you are able to explore and develop all of your varied talents. He/She will meet many types of people and travel great distances.

Meaning of Numerology Number 6

He/She are a loving and caring individual with a tendency to put the needs of others before those of yourself. He/She are responsible and trustworthy with a high regard for justice and honesty. Duty will follow you all your life and sometimes feel a little too much of a burden. He/She are artistic. Harmony and beauty are high on your list of priorities. He/She have musical talent but the creative talents of a 6 are sometimes left undeveloped or suppressed as a result of your tendency to sacrifice your time and pleasure.

Meaning of Numerology Number 7

He/She are gifted with an analytical mind and an enormous appetite for the answers to life's hidden questions. He/She have a strong interest in exploring scientific matters, philosophy, and even mysticism. He/She possess clarity and persistence in your search for truth. He/She can be a great researcher, educator, and philosopher. He/She are driven by a desire for knowledge and truth. He/She must learn to discriminate between illusion and reality, but you are well equipped for this task.

Meaning of Numerology Number 8

He/She have the power and potential to achieve great things. It is both your challenge and your birthright to gain dominion over a small part of the earth. Whatever your enterprise, you strive to be the best and most successful in your field. He/She are highly competitive and will not rest until you are satisfied that you have bypassed the opposition. He/She enjoy challenges and rivalry. He/She are a realist and a visionary planner.

Meaning of Numerology Number 9

He/She are the humanitarian. He/She are attracted to a cause or a movement whose purpose is to make a better world. He/She are extremely idealistic, sometimes to the point of being naive about people or methods. He/She have great compassion and seek to create a more humane society. He/She are drawn to those who suffer physically or are at the hand of injustice. He/She are the righter of wrongs. He/Sher deepest intention is to transform the world.

Meaning of Numerology Number 11

He/Shers is the most highly charged Expression number of all. He/She are like a lightning rod, attracting powerful ideas, intuitions, and even psychic information like unpredictable bolts. He/She are a powerful presence without any awareness on your part of having personal power. He/She are a channel for higher vibrations. But in order to be emotionally and psychologically at peace, you must learn to control that flow of energy. He/She possess a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious.

Meaning of Numerology Number 22

He/She are the master builder. He/She possess a unique gift for perceiving something in the archetypal world - infinite and divine - and making some semblance of it manifest on earth. He/She dream big. Every goal you have is enormous in scope. He/She dream of creating something that will last centuries. He/Sher desire is to change history. He/She want to make your mark on human civilization. There is no limit to what you are capable of, nor any on what you dream of doing. Of all the numbers, yours possesses the greatest potential for accomplishment.

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