Baby Girl Names Beginning with 'Z'

Explore our collection of Baby Girl names starting with 'Z'. With over 494 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Zaafira Victorious, Successful 🖤
Zaafirah Victorious, Successful 🖤
Zaahida Hermit, Ascetic 🖤
Zaahidah Abstinent 🖤
Zaahira Bright, Shining 🖤
Zaahirah Guest 🖤
Zaaida Shining, Bright 🖤
Zaain Beauty 🖤
Zaakira 🖤
Zaara Light, Brave, Beautiful Flower 🖤
Zababa Head, Chief, Leader 🖤
Zabana Flame of a Candle 🖤
Zabeeha Perfect 🖤
Zabeen Fair and Beautiful 🖤
Zabia Like Deer 🖤
Zabiyah Daughter of Al-barra Bin Maroor 🖤
Zabra Topper 🖤
Zabrina Fruitful Desert Flower 🖤
Zaclyn Clean and Bright 🖤
Zafeerah Firm 🖤
Zafira Victorious, Triumphant, Success 🖤
Zafirah Victorious, Victory 🖤
Zafreen Intelligent 🖤
Zahaa Brilliance, Radiance 🖤
Zahab Gold, Wealthy 🖤
Zahabia Golden, Precious 🖤
Zahabiya Gold 🖤
Zahara Flower, Beauty, Star 🖤
Zaharah Brilliant Bright Rose Flower 🖤
Zahava Gilded 🖤
Zaheeda Beautiful 🖤
Zaheen Clever, Fast, Intelligent, Sharp 🖤
Zaheera Expression, Shining, Brilliant 🖤
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant 🖤
Zahera Flower, Proud, Beautiful, Strong 🖤
Zahia Pious, Noble, Grand, Great 🖤
Zahida Beautiful, Hermit, Ascetic 🖤
Zahidah Abstinent 🖤
Zahira Shining, Luminous, Brilliant 🖤
Zahirah Shining, Brilliant, Luminous 🖤
Zahiya Beautiful, Bright Face 🖤
Zahna A River Name in Switzerland 🖤
Zahnaya 🖤
Zahndra Defender of Mankind 🖤
Zahra Beautiful, Fair, White, Flower 🖤
Zahraa White 🖤
Zahrah Flower, Beauty, Star, White 🖤
Zahrai 🖤
Zahreh Baddy 🖤
Zahrin Beautiful 🖤
Zahwah Beauty, Pretty 🖤
Zaiba Beautiful, Adorned 🖤
Zaibi 🖤
Zaibunissa 🖤
Zaida Abundance, Fortunate, Prosperous 🖤
Zaima Leader 🖤
Zaina Beautiful 🖤
Zainab Decorated or Ornamented Tree 🖤
Zainah Beautiful, Pure, Kind 🖤
Zainba Beautiful 🖤

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