Baby Girl Names Beginning with 'U'

Explore our collection of Baby Girl names starting with 'U'. With over 432 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Ubab Waves, Heavy Rain 🖤
Ubah Flower 🖤
Ubika Growth 🖤
Uchita Right Thing to do 🖤
Udayalaxmi Groth of Lakshmi, Surya 🖤
Udayarani Rise 🖤
Udayashree Dawn 🖤
Udayasri 🖤
Udayavani Goddess Saraswati 🖤
Udayini Sun Rise 🖤
Udele Wealthy 🖤
Udelina 🖤
Udella Wealthy 🖤
Udgita A hymn, Lord Shiva, A Hymn 🖤
Udhayarani Rising queen 🖤
Udichi One who grows with prosperity 🖤
Udipta Fiery 🖤
Udipti On fire 🖤
Udiramalara Fresh Flower 🖤
Udisha First rays of the new dawn 🖤
Udvita River Filled with Lotus Flowers 🖤
Ufaq Bright Sky 🖤
Ugay Kind of Necklace 🖤
Ugma 🖤
Uhee A Flower, Soul 🖤
Uhud Commitment, Pledge, Delegation 🖤
Ujhala Light 🖤
Ujila Sunrise 🖤
Ujjaini Rising 🖤
Ujjam Very Cute, 🖤
Ujjanini An ancient city 🖤
Ujjayini An ancient city 🖤
Ujjvala Radiant 🖤
Ujvala Bright, Lighted 🖤
Ujwala Lighting, Bright, Lustrous 🖤
Ujwani He who wins the struggle 🖤
Ulagammal Mother of the World 🖤
Ulalia 🖤
Ulana Still, Calm 🖤
Ulas Joyful 🖤
Ulfah Friendship, Harmony, Love 🖤
Ulfhild 🖤
Ulia 🖤
Ulima Astute, Wise 🖤
Ulka Meteorite, Wealthy 🖤
Ullasini Always Ecstatic, Being Lucky 🖤
Ulli Wealthy, Gem of the Sea 🖤
Ullima Astute, Wise 🖤
Ullupi Pretty face 🖤
Ulrica Female Version of Ulric 🖤
Ulrika Wealthy Ruler 🖤
Ulrike Mistress of All 🖤
Ulupi Wife of Arjuna 🖤
Ulya Higher, Female Version of Ala 🖤
Umaa Goddess 🖤
Umadevi Pretty Face, Goddess Parvati 🖤
Umah Sweet Kiss 🖤
Umai Goddess Parvathi 🖤
Umaid Inspire Hope 🖤
Umaima Pretty Face 🖤

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