Baby Girl Names Beginning with 'R'

Explore our collection of Baby Girl names starting with 'R'. With over 1833 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Raa Beautiful 🖤
Raabia Fourth, A God Name 🖤
Raabiya 🖤
Raadha Wealth, Success, Lightning 🖤
Raadhika Lord Krishna's Girlfriend 🖤
Raadiya 🖤
Raafiah High, Wealthy, Exalted 🖤
Raaga Belongs to music terms, Melody 🖤
Raagini A melody, Music 🖤
Raaisha Leader, Goddess 🖤
Raajitha 🖤
Raaka Direction, Full Moon 🖤
Raakel Ewe 🖤
Raakhee A Bond of Love 🖤
Raakhi Symbol of protection 🖤
Raameen Obedient 🖤
raana Of Elegant, Statue, Soft, Lovely 🖤
Raanee The Queen 🖤
Raani Queen 🖤
Raaniya Delighted, Gazer 🖤
Raashi The sign of the zodiac 🖤
Raashida Conscious, Pious, Wise, Mature 🖤
Raashidah Follower of the Right Path 🖤
Raawiya Transmitter, Story Teller 🖤
Raaya Great Behaviour, Never Lies 🖤
Raazia Satisfied, Pleased, Willing 🖤
Raaziyah Agreed, Willing, Satisfied 🖤
Rabaab Musical Instrument 🖤
Rabail Veil of Flower 🖤
Rabani Divine, God's Favourite Child 🖤
Rabbab A Musical Instrument 🖤
Rabdaa 🖤
Rabeea Garden 🖤
Rabeeah A Bounding in Green Foliage 🖤
Rabhya Worshipped 🖤
Rabia Famous, Godly, Spring 🖤
Rabica Neat 🖤
Rabiha Winner, Gainer, Fem 🖤
Rabika A Precious Stone 🖤
Rabita Bond, Link Nexus 🖤
Rabitah Bond, Tie 🖤
Rabiya Princess, Queen 🖤
Rabiyah Hill 🖤
Raby Brightly 🖤
Rachana Creation, Creater, Writer 🖤
Rachel Innocence of a Lamb, Sheep, Ewe 🖤
Rachela Ewe 🖤
Rachele Ewe, Female Sheep 🖤
Rachelle Ewe, Lamb, Female Sheep 🖤
Rachi To Form, Lamb, East, Morning (1) 🖤
Rachida Righteous 🖤
Rachika Creator, Mirage or Ray 🖤
Rachil Female Sheep, Ewe 🖤
Rachitha Created 🖤
Rachna Construction, Arrangement 🖤
Racquel Ewe, Innocent, Female Sheep 🖤
Radella Elfin Counselor 🖤
Radeyah Content, Satisfied 🖤
Radha Success, Prosperity 🖤
Radhamani Beloved of Lord Krishna, 🖤

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