Baby Girl Names Beginning with 'O'

Explore our collection of Baby Girl names starting with 'O'. With over 307 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Oadira Powerful, Potent 🖤
Oaisara Empress, Wife of Caesar 🖤
Oaka Oak Tree, From the Woods 🖤
Oamra The Moon 🖤
Oceana Form of Oceanus 🖤
Octavia Sometimes Given to the Eighth-born Child 🖤
Oda Praise God, Elfin Spear, Wealthy 🖤
Odathi Refreshing, Owner 🖤
Odati Refreshing, The Dawn 🖤
Odeda Strong 🖤
Odela Rich, Song 🖤
Odele Rich, Harmonious, Song 🖤
Odelia Little Wealthy One, Praise God 🖤
Odelina Little Wealthy One, Elfin Spear 🖤
Odelinda Little Wealthy One 🖤
Odell Woad Hill, Place Name, Rich, Song 🖤
Odella Little Wealthy One, Place Name 🖤
Odelle Rich, Harmonious, Song 🖤
Odessa The Odyssey, Wrathful 🖤
Odetta Melody, Wealthy 🖤
Odette Little Wealthy One, Wealthy 🖤
Odiana Elfin Spear, Wealthy 🖤
Odiane Elfin Spear, Wealthy 🖤
Odierna 🖤
Odierne 🖤
Odila Wealthy, Elfin Spear, Fortune 🖤
Odile Wealthy, Elfin Spear 🖤
Odilia Little Wealthy One, Fortune 🖤
Oditi Dawn 🖤
Odolina 🖤
Odoti Dawn, Refreshing 🖤
Oenone Lover of Paris 🖤
Oeshi Divine, Rose 🖤
Ofelia To Help, Aid 🖤
Ogechukwu God's Time 🖤
Ohi Message 🖤
Ohona The Beginning of Day 🖤
Oindrila Another Name for the Wife of Indra 🖤
Oishi Gift of God, Divine, Rose 🖤
Ojaala Light 🖤
Ojasvini Energetic 🖤
Ojaswani All day singing 🖤
Ojaswini Lustrous, Bright 🖤
Ojaswita Brightness 🖤
Oki In the Middle of the Ocean 🖤
Oksana Praise be to God 🖤
Olanda A Person from the State of Holland 🖤
Olcay Luck 🖤
Oldwin Special Friend 🖤
Oldwyn Special Friend 🖤
Oleda Winged, Noble, Small Winged One 🖤
Olena Light, Torch, Moon, Glow 🖤
Olenka Holy, Blessed 🖤
Olesia Defender of Mankind 🖤
Oleta Winged, Verity, Truth 🖤
Oletha Light, Nimble 🖤
Olevia Leaf, Like olive 🖤
Olexa Defender of Mankind 🖤
Olga Holy, Blessed, Successful 🖤
Olif 🖤

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