Baby Girl Names Beginning with 'M'

Explore our collection of Baby Girl names starting with 'M'. With over 2698 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Maab Place to which One Returns 🖤
Maadhavi Great Sage Woman 🖤
Maahera 🖤
Maahi Beautiful, Love, River 🖤
Maahiya Someone whom You Love, Joy 🖤
Maahum Moonlight 🖤
Maai Mother 🖤
Maajida Glorious, Powerful 🖤
Maala Garland 🖤
Maalika Garland, Jasmine, Daughter, Queen 🖤
Maanami Beautiful 🖤
Maanavi Wife of Manu, Born of Man 🖤
Maanhitha Together, Conversation with God 🖤
Maansi The One who Gives Peace 🖤
Maanvi Kind Hearted 🖤
Maanya The quiet one, Worthy of honor 🖤
Maanyata Principles, Assumption 🖤
Maaria Sea of Bitterness 🖤
Maarit Sea of Bitterness 🖤
Maariya A Young Dog or Fox 🖤
Maarya Fair Complexion 🖤
Maasma Variant of Ma'sma, Innocent 🖤
Maathangi Goddess Amman 🖤
Maaya Illusion, Goddess Lakshmi 🖤
Mabbe Useful 🖤
Mabel Lovable 🖤
Mabella Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel 🖤
Mabelle Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel 🖤
Mabil Happy, Joyful, Creative 🖤
Mabila 🖤
Mabile Rules 🖤
Mabilia 🖤
Mabill Loveable 🖤
Mabilla 🖤
Mable Lovable, Diminutive of Amabel 🖤
Mably 🖤
Mabota 🖤
Mabrooka Blessed, Prosperous, Abundant 🖤
Mabrouka Lucky 🖤
Mabruka 🖤
Mabyle 🖤
Mabyn Divine Son 🖤
Macayla Unique 🖤
Macee Weapon 🖤
Macella 🖤
Machele Who is Like God 🖤
Machelle Who Resembles God 🖤
Machi Poor, A Smiter, Ten Thousand 🖤
Machiko Child of Machi 🖤
Maci Weapon 🖤
Macia Sea of Bitterness 🖤
Macie Weapon 🖤
Maclay 🖤
Mactilda 🖤
Madailein Irish Forms of Madeleine Magnificent 🖤
Madalen From the Tower 🖤
Madalene From the High Tower 🖤
Madalina Magnificent 🖤
Madaline High Tower, Woman of Magdala 🖤
Madalyn From the Tower 🖤

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