Baby Girl Names Beginning with 'I'

Explore our collection of Baby Girl names starting with 'I'. With over 687 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Iamar Moon 🖤
Ianat Assistance, Help, Aid 🖤
Ianna God is Gracious 🖤
Iantha Violet Coloured Flower 🖤
Ianthe Violet Coloured Flower 🖤
Iba Pride, Disdain 🖤
Ibadah Worship 🖤
Ibbani Fog, Honey dow, Honey Dew 🖤
Ibbe 🖤
Ibbet 🖤
Ibbot 🖤
Ibha Hope, Elephant 🖤
Ibna Gift 🖤
Ibolya Violet 🖤
Ibot 🖤
Ibrah Wisdom, Advice 🖤
Ibtehaj Joy, Delight 🖤
Ibtesam Smile 🖤
Ibthaj Joy 🖤
Ibtihal Supplication, Prayer 🖤
Ibtisama Smile 🖤
Ibtissam 🖤
Ibtissem Smile 🖤
Iccha Wish, Desired 🖤
Icha A Wish in Our Mind 🖤
Ichha Wish, Desire 🖤
Idaia Active, Kind 🖤
Idaleen Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking 🖤
Idalene Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking 🖤
Idalia Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking 🖤
Idalie Active, Kind 🖤
Idalina Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking 🖤
Idaline Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking 🖤
Idalou 🖤
Idalya Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking 🖤
Idalyne Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking 🖤
Idana 🖤
Idane 🖤
Idavida Scholar 🖤
Idaya The Beauty of World, Heart 🖤
Iddes 🖤
Ide Prosperous, Happy, Thirst 🖤
Idell Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking 🖤
Idella Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking 🖤
Idelle Prosperous, Happy, Bountiful 🖤
Idena 🖤
Ideny 🖤
Idetta Prosperous, Happy, Hard Working 🖤
Idette Hard Working, Prosperous, Happy 🖤
Idha Intelligence, Perception 🖤
Idhaya Heart, Goddess Parvati 🖤
Idhika Wife of Lord Shiv 🖤
Idhitri One who praises, Complimentary 🖤
Idika Another name of Parvati 🖤
Idina From Edinburgh, Scotland 🖤
Iditri One who praises, Complimentary 🖤
Idla Battle 🖤
Idna Active, Kind 🖤
Idon 🖤
Idona 🖤

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