Baby Girl Names Beginning with 'H'

Explore our collection of Baby Girl names starting with 'H'. With over 1370 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Haadiyah A Director, A Leader, A Guide 🖤
Haafiza Protector 🖤
Haajar Hard as a Rock 🖤
Haajara Prophet Ismail's Mother 🖤
Haajira Terrific 🖤
Haajirah The Wife of Hazrat Ibrahim (Peace be Upon Him) 🖤
Haalah A Crescent Shaped Ear-ring, 🖤
Haamida God Loving 🖤
Haamidah One who Praises 🖤
Haaniya Happy, Delighted 🖤
Haarati God Lamp 🖤
Haarika Wreath, Beloved of Indra 🖤
Haarithah Name of a Sahabi who Participated in the Battle of Badr 🖤
Haarshini Cheerful, Happy 🖤
Haasa Smile 🖤
Haasita Happy or full of laughter 🖤
Hababa Two Lovers 🖤
Habeeba Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling 🖤
Habi Picture 🖤
Habiba Form of Habib, Beloved One 🖤
Habibah Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling 🖤
Habibeh Beloved 🖤
Habita A Cow's Taati, 🖤
Habon Helpful, Hopeful, Kindness 🖤
Haboos Name of a Kind and Benevolent Noble Lady who Lived in Lebanon 🖤
Habsana Superb, 🖤
Hadara Bedecked in Beauty 🖤
Hadassa Flowering Myrtle, Myrtle Tree 🖤
Hadeel Bird 🖤
Hadia Guide to Righteousness 🖤
Hadiah Guide to Righteousness 🖤
Hadil Cooing Like a Pigeon 🖤
Hadiqa Walled Garden, Secure 🖤
Hadiya Gift, Guide to Righteousness 🖤
Hadiyah Guide to Righteousness 🖤
Hadiyyah Gift 🖤
Hadjara Forsaken, Variant of Hajar 🖤
Hadu Vigorous Battle Maiden 🖤
Haduwig Strife 🖤
Hadwig Contention, Strife 🖤
Haeda A Woman who Repents a Lot 🖤
Haesel Nut 🖤
Hafa Gentle Rain 🖤
Hafeefa All of Good 🖤
Hafeeza Guardian, Protector 🖤
Hafida Protect 🖤
Hafisa Honour 🖤
Hafiza Protected 🖤
Hafsa Sound Judgement, Cub 🖤
Hafsah To Collect, To Rest 🖤
Hafthah Preserved, Protected 🖤
Hafza Sound Judgement, Cub 🖤
Hagar A Stranger, One that Fears 🖤
Hager Travel 🖤
Hagir Forsaken 🖤
Haia Shy 🖤
Haiba Charm 🖤
Haidee Modest 🖤
Haideh Repentant 🖤
Haidi Flight, A Stranger 🖤

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