Baby Girl Names Beginning with 'E'

Explore our collection of Baby Girl names starting with 'E'. With over 1038 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Eabha Life Provider 🖤
Eadaion Joyous Friendship 🖤
Eadburga 🖤
Eadgifu 🖤
Eadgyth Fortune and Strife 🖤
Eadith Prosperity, Battle 🖤
Eadrea 🖤
Eadu 🖤
Eadwina 🖤
Earla Feminine of Earl, Noblewoman 🖤
Earleen Feminine of Earl, Noblewoman 🖤
earlena Noble Woman, Shield 🖤
Earlene Noble Woman, Leader, Princess 🖤
Earley Noble Woman, Leader 🖤
Earlina Noble Woman, Shield 🖤
Earline Noble Woman 🖤
Earna Sincere, Eagle 🖤
Earnestine Earnest, Serious 🖤
Earric Powerful 🖤
Eartha Earthy, Born of the Earth 🖤
Earwyna Friend of the Sea 🖤
Easha Goddess Parvati, Desire 🖤
Eashta Beloved 🖤
Easmatara Friend 🖤
Easter Born at Easter 🖤
Eastre Born at Easter 🖤
Eathelin Noble Waterfall 🖤
Eathellreda Noble Maiden 🖤
Eathelyn Noble Waterfall 🖤
Ebadat Prayer 🖤
Ebanee Black Colored Wood 🖤
Ebany Ebony, Deeply Black Wood 🖤
Ebbani Fog, Honey dow, Desire 🖤
Ebbot 🖤
Ebe Youthful Like a Flower 🖤
Eberta Bright, Intelligent 🖤
Ebonee Black, A Hard Wood 🖤
Eboney Deep Black Wood 🖤
Eboni Ebony Wood, Black 🖤
Ebonie Black Colored Wood 🖤
Ebtissam Smile 🖤
Ecaterina Innocent, Pure, Torture 🖤
Echo Return of Sound, Sound 🖤
Eda Wealthy Guardian, Wealthy, Happy 🖤
Edan Perfect 🖤
Edana Fiery 🖤
Edburga Wealthy Defender 🖤
Edde Form of Eddie 🖤
Edden Garden of Heaven 🖤
Eddye 🖤
Edee Rich Gift, Spoils of War 🖤
Edeena From Edinburgh 🖤
Edelina Spoils of War, Gracious, Kind 🖤
Edeline Noble, Good Cheer, Gracious, Kind 🖤
Edeltraud Noble and Strong 🖤
Edeltraut Noble and Strong 🖤
Edeltrud Noble, Strong 🖤
Eden Delightful, Adornment, Paradise 🖤
Edena Pleasure, Delight, Form of Edna 🖤
Edgyth 🖤

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