Baby Girl Names Beginning with 'B'

Explore our collection of Baby Girl names starting with 'B'. With over 1419 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Baaji Game 🖤
Baani Earth, Goddess Saraswati, Maiden 🖤
Babay Small kid 🖤
Babbe Mother 🖤
Babel Confusion, Mixture 🖤
Babeta Little Girl / Daughter 🖤
Babeth 🖤
Babetta Foreign Woman 🖤
Babie Princess / Queen 🖤
Babita Polite 🖤
Babitha Peaceful 🖤
Babli Lovely, Chubby 🖤
Babs Strange, Diminutive of Barbara 🖤
Babuli Joy, Happiness 🖤
Badai Wonder, Marvel, Plural of Badia 🖤
Badarika Safe, The jujube fruit 🖤
Badawiya 🖤
Baddur Little Full Moon 🖤
Badia Unprecedented, Amazing 🖤
Badiah Unprecedented, Amazing 🖤
Badiha Insight, Perceptive Faculty 🖤
Badil Religious, Pious 🖤
Badiyah Desert 🖤
Badra Full Moon, Pretty, Goddess Durga 🖤
Badria Like the Full Moon 🖤
Badriya Resembling Full Moon, Moor-like 🖤
Badriyah Resembling the Full Moon 🖤
Badriyyah Resembles the Full Moon 🖤
Badrul 🖤
Badur Moon 🖤
Bae 🖤
Baebi Baby, Barbie Girl 🖤
Bageshri Name of a Raaga, Good Luck 🖤
Bagula White Duck Name of a Village 🖤
Bagya Luck, Fortune 🖤
Bagyam Lucky 🖤
Bahaar Spring 🖤
Bahair Delicate Woman 🖤
Bahamin Spring 🖤
Baharak Spring 🖤
Bahareh Sprint Flower 🖤
Bahati Luck or be Lucky, Good Fortune 🖤
Baheera Dazzling, Brilliant 🖤
Bahia Nice 🖤
Bahieh Boat to the Sun 🖤
Bahiga Glad, Happy, Joyful 🖤
Bahija Glad, Happy, Joyful 🖤
Bahijah Magnificent, Splendid 🖤
Bahira Sparkling, Dazzling, Brilliant 🖤
Bahirah Dazzling, Brilliant, Noble Lady 🖤
Bahirat Delicate Woman 🖤
Bahiya Beautiful 🖤
Bahiyaa Beautiful, Radiant 🖤
Bahiyah Beautiful, From Kikuyu 🖤
Bahiyya Beautiful in Arabic 🖤
Bahja Happiness 🖤
Bahraman Ruby 🖤
Bahria Water, Beautiful, Gray 🖤
Bahudha A river 🖤
Bahugandha One with Lot of Scent 🖤

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