Baby Boy Names Beginning with 'U'

Explore our collection of Baby Boy names starting with 'U'. With over 863 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Uagar The Lord 🖤
Uba The Wealthy 🖤
Ubaadah Old Arabic Name 🖤
Ubad Worshipers 🖤
Ubadah Servant of God, Worship 🖤
Ubaid Faithful 🖤
Ubaida Servant of God 🖤
Ubaidah Servant of God 🖤
Ubaidullah Lowly Servant of the Allah 🖤
Ubaldo Heart, Spirit, Bold 🖤
Ubay Old Arabic Name 🖤
Ubaya Wickedness 🖤
Ubayd Worshipper 🖤
Ubaydah Servant of God 🖤
Ubaydullah Servant of Allah 🖤
Ubayy One with High Self Esteem 🖤
Ubba 🖤
Ubel 🖤
Ubhay 🖤
Ubriani 🖤
Ucchal The Mind, Understanding 🖤
Uchit Right, Correct 🖤
Uchtred 🖤
Ucita Pleasurable 🖤
Udadhi Ocean 🖤
Udai The Rising, To Rise 🖤
Udaibir Rising Brave 🖤
Udail Old Arabic name 🖤
Udaiprakash Rising Light 🖤
Udaiyan Rising 🖤
Udale From the Yew Tree Valley 🖤
Udall From the Yew Tree Valley 🖤
Udanda Nemesis of evils and vices 🖤
Udant Correct message 🖤
Udapi God, One who Attains Success 🖤
Udar Generous 🖤
Udara Great 🖤
Udarchis Lord Shiva 🖤
Udari Kindhearted Person 🖤
Udarsh Brimming 🖤
Udath Kingly, Gentle 🖤
Udatta God is One 🖤
Uday To Rise, Appearance, Ascend, Rise 🖤
Uday Tej Rising Sun 🖤
Udaya Rising Sun, Dawn 🖤
Udayachal Eastern horizon 🖤
Udayaditya Sunrise 🖤
Udayagiri Mountain of Sunrise 🖤
Udayan Rising Up, Rising 🖤
Udayana Rising Sun 🖤
Udayant Risen, Virtuous 🖤
Udaybhan The rising Sun 🖤
Udaychandra Sunrise Moon 🖤
Udaydeep Rising Star 🖤
Udaykumar To Rise, Appearance, Ascend, Rise 🖤
Udayraj Rising king, Lord of stars 🖤
Udayveer Loving / Joyful 🖤
Udbal Mighty 🖤
Udbala Strong 🖤
Udbhata Exalted, Eminent 🖤

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