Baby Boy Names Beginning with 'P'

Explore our collection of Baby Boy names starting with 'P'. With over 2613 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Paal Guardian 🖤
Paaras Precious Stone, Costly Metal 🖤
Paarsh Vein, Gold Maker 🖤
Paarth Another Name of Arjuna, Arjun 🖤
Paaru Sun, Fire 🖤
Paavan Purifier, Water, Air, Pure, Sacred 🖤
Paavana Purifying, Pure, Sacred 🖤
Paavo Little, Small 🖤
Paawan Pure, Wind, Pious 🖤
Pabitra Purity, Holy 🖤
Pablo Little 🖤
Pacca 🖤
Pacey From Pacy in France 🖤
Pachai Youthful, Resourceful 🖤
Pachaiappan God of Green 🖤
Pachaimuthu Youthful, Resourceful 🖤
Pachak Digester, Digestive 🖤
Packard One who Packs 🖤
Packston From the Peace Town 🖤
Paco Frenchman, From France, Free 🖤
Padak Pendant, Medal 🖤
Padam Lotus, Letter 🖤
Padamjit Victory of the Lotus 🖤
Paddington The Estate of Padda 🖤
Paddy Noble, Patrician, Of Noble Birth 🖤
Paden Royal, Little Patrician 🖤
Padgett Attendant 🖤
Padhraic Noble, Good 🖤
Padm Baby Lotus, Lotus 🖤
Padmabandhu Friend of Lotus, Bee, Sun 🖤
Padmadhar One who holds a lotus 🖤
Padmaj Born from Lotus, Lord Brahma 🖤
Padmaja Born from lotus, Lakshmi 🖤
Padmakant Husband of Lotus 🖤
Padmakar Jewel, Lord Vishnu 🖤
Padmaksh Lotus Eyed, Lord Vishnu 🖤
Padmal Lotus 🖤
Padmalaya Lotus Dweller, Lake of lotuses 🖤
Padmalochan Lotus eyed 🖤
Padmam Lotus 🖤
Padman Lotus 🖤
Padmanaban Padmanabhan comes from the Hindu word which means 🖤
Padmanabh Birth from Lord Brahma 🖤
Padmanabha One with lotus in his navel 🖤
Padmanabhan One with lotus in his navel 🖤
Padmapada Lotus Footed 🖤
Padmaraj Padma is Lord Venkateshwara's Wife Padma's Raja is Therefore Lord Venkateswara Hence Padma Raj is Another Name for Him 🖤
Padmashri Goddess of Wealth 🖤
Padmesh Intelligence, Lord Vishnu 🖤
Padmin Lotus Holder 🖤
Padraic Born, Noble, Patrician 🖤
Padriac Noble, Patrician 🖤
Paegastun From the Fighter's Farm 🖤
Paegna 🖤
Paelli 🖤
Paen The Love of the Lord is with You 🖤
Paga 🖤
Pagalavan Sun, Diurnal, Radiant, 🖤
Pagat Pure 🖤
Paget Attendant 🖤

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