Baby Boy Names Beginning with 'N'

Explore our collection of Baby Boy names starting with 'N'. With over 2261 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Na Meaningful, God Name 🖤
Naadim Repentant, Regretful 🖤
Naadir Dear, Rare 🖤
Naagesh God of Serpents, Sheshnaag 🖤
Naail Variant of Na'il, Acquirer 🖤
Naaji Variant of Naji', Useful 🖤
Naajy Safe 🖤
Naakesh The Lord of Heaven, Moon 🖤
Naal Name of a Saint 🖤
Naaman Pleasant, Delightful 🖤
Naasah Counsellor, Advisor 🖤
Naase Clear, Pure, White 🖤
Naasi Variant of Nasi', Obvious 🖤
Naasif 🖤
Naasih Adviser 🖤
Naasir Defender, Supporter, Protector 🖤
Naathan Gift from God, Rewarded, Given 🖤
Naavah Beautiful 🖤
Naayaab Rare, Precious 🖤
Naaz Pride, Delicacy 🖤
Naazil Merciful 🖤
Naazim Arranger, Organizer 🖤
Naazir Observant, Spectator 🖤
Nabarun Morning Sun 🖤
Nabdeep New Lamp 🖤
Nabeeh Noble, Outstanding 🖤
Nabeel Noble, Magnanimous, High-born 🖤
Nabeh Noble, Outstanding 🖤
Nabendu New Moon 🖤
Nabh Sky, The Sky 🖤
Nabha Nobel high, Sky, No limit 🖤
Nabhan Noble, Outstanding, Alert 🖤
Nabhanyu Eternal, New Ambition 🖤
Nabhi Focus, The Best, Centre of Body 🖤
Nabhomani Jewel of the Sky, Sun, The Sun 🖤
Nabhya Central, Lord Shiva 🖤
Nabi Prophet 🖤
Nabid Bearer of Good News or Good Wishes 🖤
Nabiel High Born, Wise, Studious 🖤
Nabighah Intelligent 🖤
Nabih Noble, Outstanding, Alert 🖤
Nabil Noble, Generous 🖤
Nabin New, 🖤
Nabina New 🖤
Nabinchandra Freedom 🖤
Nabiullah An Epithet of the Prophet Nuh 🖤
Nabneet Sun 🖤
Nabon 🖤
Nacer Triumphant Victor 🖤
Nachhatar A Star, Lunar Mansion 🖤
Nachiappa Speed Run 🖤
Nachiket Son of Vajashravas 🖤
Nachiketa An ancient Rishi, Fire 🖤
Nachiketh Son of Vajasshravas 🖤
Nachum Comforter 🖤
Nacim Leader 🖤
Nacki Illiterate 🖤
Nacoma Lovable 🖤
Nadal Fortunate 🖤
Nadamuni Name of a Sage 🖤

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