Baby Boy Names Beginning with 'L'

Explore our collection of Baby Boy names starting with 'L'. With over 1294 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Laaiq Variant of La'iq, Able, Fit 🖤
Laal Lovely, Beloved, Dear One 🖤
Laasya Smile 🖤
Laavanya Grace, Beauty 🖤
Labaka Melodious Sounds 🖤
Laban White 🖤
Labeeb Sensible, Intelligent 🖤
Labh Gain, Advantage, Profit 🖤
Labham Profit, Gain 🖤
Labhshanker Advantage of Lord Shiva, Gaini 🖤
Labhu Pleasure 🖤
Labi 🖤
Labib Sensible, Intelligent 🖤
Labid A Companion 🖤
Labor 🖤
Laca 🖤
Lach Lives Near Water 🖤
Lachan Bright Eyes 🖤
Lache Lives Near Water 🖤
Lachlan Belligerent 🖤
Lachlann From Scandinavia 🖤
Lachman Younger Brother of Ram, 🖤
Ladd Attendant 🖤
Ladda 🖤
Ladde Attendant 🖤
Laddey Manservant, Young Man 🖤
Laddy Manservant, Young Man 🖤
Ladislaus Glorious Rule 🖤
Ladu King 🖤
Laec Lives Near Water 🖤
Laeeq Variant of La'iq, Able, Fit 🖤
Lafa 🖤
Lagna The Ascendant or 1st House 🖤
Lagot 🖤
Lahab Profit 🖤
Laham Intuition, Conjecture, Wisdom 🖤
Lahan Music 🖤
Lahban Salt 🖤
Lahiri Wave, Tide 🖤
Lahit 🖤
Lai The Beloved One 🖤
Laiba Female of the haven 🖤
Laidley From the Creek Meadow 🖤
Laima Redness 🖤
Laine From the Narrow Road 🖤
Laiq Worthy, Deserving, Capable 🖤
Lais Lion 🖤
Lajos Famous Holiness 🖤
Lajpat Of Keeping Shame 🖤
Lakar Challenge 🖤
Lakha Money 🖤
Lakhan Lord ramas brother, Successful 🖤
Lakhani Rich 🖤
Lakhbir Brave as a Hundred Thousand 🖤
Lakhvir Brave as Hundred Thousand 🖤
Lakin From the Lake 🖤
lakit Beautiful 🖤
Laksh Target, Aim 🖤
Lakshak Ray of beauty 🖤
Lakshan Activities, Aim 🖤

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