Baby Boy Names Beginning with 'J'

Explore our collection of Baby Boy names starting with 'J'. With over 2193 options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect name for your little angel.



Name Meaning Like
Ja Great, Form of Jahnavi 🖤
Jaabir Consoler, Comforter 🖤
Jaafar Rivulet, Small River 🖤
Jaakko Supplanter, Representative 🖤
Jaakob Supplanter 🖤
Jaami Perfect 🖤
Jaan Life, Soul, God is Gracious 🖤
Jaani God is Gracious, Gift from God 🖤
Jaareh Wounding, Cutter 🖤
Jaaved Alive, Living 🖤
Jaay 🖤
Jabaar Mighty 🖤
Jabal Which Glides Away 🖤
Jabali Strong as a Rock 🖤
Jaban Tenderness of Heart 🖤
Jabar Bone-setter, Repairer 🖤
Jabare 🖤
Jabari Brave, Strong Hearted 🖤
Jabb 🖤
Jabbaar Mighty 🖤
Jabbar Peasant, All Powerful, Mighty 🖤
Jaber Wonderful 🖤
Jabez God will Increase Your Boundary 🖤
Jabhar A Lot Live 🖤
Jabilo Medicine Man 🖤
Jabin He that Understands, Building 🖤
Jabir Restorer, Comforter, Consolation 🖤
Jabiri Comforter 🖤
Jabori 🖤
Jabran Penalty, Reward 🖤
Jacan Trouble, A Biblical Name 🖤
Jace Moon, Nickname 🖤
Jacek Hyacinth Flower 🖤
Jacen Healer, The Lord is Salvation 🖤
Jachim 🖤
Jachin He that Strengthens and Makes Steadfast 🖤
Jacinto Hyacinth Flower 🖤
Jack God is Gracious, Son of Jack 🖤
Jacki God is Gracious 🖤
Jackie God has been Gracious 🖤
Jackres Favoured from God 🖤
Jacksen 🖤
Jackson God is Gracious, Son of Jack 🖤
Jaco He who Supplants 🖤
Jacob Supplanter, Held by the Heel 🖤
Jacobe One who Supplants 🖤
Jacobo Supplanter, He who Supplants 🖤
Jacques Supplanter 🖤
Jadallah Gift of God 🖤
Jaden The Precious Stone 🖤
Jadhav A Yadava, A Strong Warrior 🖤
Jadhava Descendant of Jadu 🖤
Jadid New 🖤
Jadon God has Heard 🖤
Jadrien Blend of Jay or Jade and Adrien 🖤
Jadu Magic 🖤
Jae Victory 🖤
Jaecar Hunter 🖤
Jaeden Thankful, God will Judge 🖤
Jaedon Jehovah has Heard 🖤

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