370+ Baby Boy Names for Numerology Number 2

Looking for a Baby Boy Name for Numerology Number 2? Our collection of 375 names will inspire you. Find the perfect name for your little one.


Name Meaning Like
Aadesh Command, Message, Order 🖤
Aahvan An invitation call 🖤
Aaish God blessings 🖤
Aakansha Wish, Desire, Dream 🖤
Aalekh Learned, Shiva, Picture 🖤
Aarsh Crown, Saint, , Pavitra, Pure (1) 🖤
Aaruna Sun 🖤
Aashi Smile, Joy, Laughter, Blessing 🖤
Aaslunan Gem 🖤
Aavesh Lord of the universe 🖤
Abhaya Fearless 🖤
Abhi Fearless, Better than Best 🖤
Advik Unique 🖤
Advit Unique, Focused 🖤
Adyant Matchless, Great Full 🖤
Agastya Name of a sage 🖤
Agraja Leader, Senior, First born 🖤
Ahti Noble Wolf, Evening, God of Sea 🖤
Ajish God of Dev, Graceful 🖤
Akshant The Winner, Sea 🖤
Akshay Indestructible, Unlimited 🖤
Akshun A significant particle 🖤
Akshya Love, Immortal, God 🖤
Al-Badi The originator 🖤
Al Hakam The judge 🖤
Al-Karim The bountiful, The generous 🖤
Al-Wasi The all-comprehending 🖤
Alampata Ever eternal Lord 🖤
Alpha First Letter of the Greek Alphabet 🖤
Amain Modest 🖤
Amani Peace, Wishes, Aspiration, Belief 🖤
Amoha Straight, Clear 🖤
Amshul Bright, Ray of Sun 🖤
An-Nur The light 🖤
Anadi Uncreated, Lord Shiva, Truthful 🖤
Anamaya The Disease-less 🖤
Anami A name of Lord Buddha 🖤
Ananay Worship 🖤
Ananga Lord Vishnu, Without Form 🖤
Ananya Goddess Parvati, Matchless 🖤
Anesh Smart One, Creative and Active 🖤
Anjuman A Token, A Symbol, Gathering 🖤
Ankur New Life, Loving Nature, Glow 🖤
Ankush An Instrument Used for Guiding Elephants 🖤
Annsh Portion 🖤
Anoob Palm tree 🖤
Anram Continuous 🖤
Anshuk Sunbeam, Gentle, Brilliant 🖤
Ansuman The Sun, Lord Surya (Sun) 🖤
Anuraj Devoted, Illuminating 🖤
Apasyu Keen, Skilful, Active 🖤
Araha Son of Sun 🖤
Arar Lent Lily 🖤
Arjuna White, Chivalrous, Bright 🖤
Arnad Megh 🖤
Arnav Brilliant, Ocean, Sea, Vast 🖤
Arsha War like, Defense (1) 🖤
Arth Meaning, Like an Eagle 🖤
Arup Formless, Nirakar 🖤
Ashis Benediction 🖤

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