790+ Baby Boy Names for Leo Zodiac

Looking for a Baby Boy Name for Leo Zodiac? Our collection of 799 names will inspire you. Find the perfect name for your little one.


Name Meaning Like
Maadhav Another name of Lord Krishna 🖤
Maahir Skilled, Expert, Brave 🖤
Maaksharth It means 🖤
Maalav A musical Raag, Ansh of Lakshmi 🖤
maalin One who makes garlands 🖤
Maalolan Name of Deity in Ahobilam 🖤
Maan Heart, Mind, Lecturer, Respect 🖤
Maanas Human, Powers 🖤
Maanasa Mind, Conceived in the mind 🖤
Maanasi With a sound mind, A lady 🖤
Maanav Human Being, Man 🖤
Maandav Able administrator 🖤
Maandavik Belonging to people 🖤
Maandhan Rich in honour 🖤
Maandhar Honourable 🖤
Maanik Ruby 🖤
Maanika Full of Respect, Ruby, Of jewels 🖤
Maanikya A jewel, A name of An author 🖤
Maansik Intellectual, Fanciful, Psychic 🖤
Maanvir Brave from Heart, Brave heart 🖤
Maanyasri 🖤
Maargin Guide 🖤
Maargit Pearl 🖤
Maarish Calf star of the sea 🖤
Maarmik Secret 🖤
Maarshak Respectable 🖤
Maarut A strom God 🖤
Maathar Traveller 🖤
Maathur From or relating to Mathura 🖤
Maayan Water source 🖤
Maayin Creator of the universe 🖤
maccha Killer 🖤
Madan Cupid, God of Love 🖤
Madan Gopal Lord Krishna 🖤
Madanapal Lord of Love 🖤
Madanmohan Attractive and lovable 🖤
Maderu Worthy of praise 🖤
Madesh Lord Shiva 🖤
Madeshwaran 🖤
Madev 🖤
Madhan Cupid, God of Love 🖤
Madhav Sweet Like Honey, Lord Krishna 🖤
Madhava Another name of Lord Krishna 🖤
Madhavan Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva 🖤
Madhavdas Servant of Lord Krishna 🖤
Madhavi A creeper with beautiful flowers 🖤
Madhesh God Name, Lord Shiva 🖤
Madhu Smitha Sweet face 🖤
Madhuban Lord Vishnu 🖤
Madhuchanda Pleasing Metrical Composition 🖤
Madhudeep God of Love 🖤
Madhughne Killer of demon Madhu 🖤
Madhughosh Honey, Nectar, Sweet sounding 🖤
Madhuj Made of Honey 🖤
Madhuja Made of Honey 🖤
Madhuk A honeybee 🖤
Madhukant With a Sweet Voice, Moon 🖤
Madhukanta The Moon 🖤
Madhukar Honey bee, Lover 🖤
Madhukesh Hair of Lord Vishnu 🖤

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