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Name Meaning Gender Like
Aabroo Fame, Honour, Dignity Girls Name
Aadam The First Prophet of Allah Boys Name
Aaden Warmth of the Home, Fire, Flame Boys Name
Aaina Mirror, Reflection Girls Name
Aaisha Lively, womanly, Obedient Girls Name
Aaishah A Lively Person Girls Name
Aalaa Highest Girls Name
Aali Name of Allah, Sublime, The High Boys Name
Aalia Exalted, highest social standing Girls Name
Aamer Ordering Person Boys Name
Aamina Mother of Prophet Muhammad (SA), Safe Girls Name
Aara Adoring, Light bringer Girls Name
Aaran Exalted, On High Boys Name
Aarani Beautiful Girls Name
Aaren Lofty, Inspired, Exalted, On High Boys Name
Aari Mountain Boys Name
Aarish First Ray of Sun, Smart Boys Name
Aarron Exalted, On High, One who is exalted Boys Name
Aart Like an Eagle Boys Name
Aase Tree Covered Mountain Girls Name
Aasimah Protector, Defendant, Central Girls Name
Aasiya Goodness Girls Name
Aasma Precious, Excellent Girls Name
Aayla Top of the Mountain Girls Name
Abaigael Gives Joy Girls Name
Abarna Jewel, God bharvathy Girls Name
Abbott Father Boys Name
Abdal Substitutes Boys Name
Abdalhadi Servant of the Leader Boys Name
Abdalla Servant of God Boys Name
Abdel Servant of God Boys Name
Abdelhakim Servant of the Wise One Boys Name
Abdelkarim Boys Name
Abdi Abbreviated Form of Abdul, My Servant Boys Name
Abdo Very Sensitive and Kind Boys Name
Abdou Boys Name
Abdu Worshipper of God Boys Name
Abdulaziz Servant of the Beloved One Boys Name
Abdulfatah Servant of the Opener of the Gates of Sustenance Boys Name
Abdulkadir One who Serves a Capable Man Boys Name

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