Anglo Baby Girl Names

287 Anglo Baby Girl names available with meaning. Browse all the 287 Anglo Baby Girl names and choose the perfect name for your baby.

Anglo Baby Girl Names | 200+ Names Available - NamesLook
Name Meaning Like
Acha Good Girl with a Great Mind
Adelaid Noble Kind
Ainsleigh Place Name, Own Meadow
Aldora Noble
Alodie Rich, Wealthy
Andria Strong, A Man's Woman, Warrior, Masculine
Andrya Female Version of Andrew, Brave
Ardith Combination of Ara and Judith, Good War
Ashten Ash Tree Settlement, Town of Ash Trees
Ashtyn Ash Tree Enclosure, Town of Ash Trees
Audrea Noble Strength, Nobility, Storm
Audreana Noble Strength
Audreanna Noble Strength
Audrey Noble Strength
Audri Noble Strength, Nobility
Audria Noble Strength
Audriana Strong, Rich, Nobility
Audrianna Noble Strength, Nobility
Audrie Noble Strength, Nobility
Audrielle Noble Strength, Nobility
Audrina Noble Strength, Nobility
Beverlee From the Beaver Meadow, Beaver Stream
Blythe Cheerful, Happy, Carefree, Free Spirit
Boadicea A Queen of the Iceni Victory
Capri The Goat
Caralyn Combination of Cara and Lynn, Manly
Caralyne Carl, Feminine Diminutive Form of Charles
Caralynn Pure, Virgin, Little and Womanly
Cari Beloved, Man, Pure, Abbreviation of Caridad
Carie Manly
Carolin Carl, A Man, Free Man
Caroline Little and Womanly, Song of Happiness
Carolinne Free Woman
Catherine Pure, Innocent, Torture, Sweet and Strict
Catheryn Innocent, Pure
Cathryn Pure, Innocent, Torture

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