Cute American Baby Names

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Name Meaning Gender Like
Ali God, Excellent, Noble, Sublime, Light, Lofty Boys Name
Abel Breath, Highborn and Steadfast, Child Boys Name
Adam Red Earth, First Human Being Boys Name
Adan Variation of Adam from the Red Earth Boys Name
Ajay Victorious, Unconquerable, Invincible Boys Name
Alek Form of Alexander Boys Name
Alex Form of Alexander Boys Name
Aman Wonder, Peace, Hero, Safety, Protection Boys Name
Amos A Burden, To Carry, Strong Boys Name
Aric Ruler of All, Sacred Ruler, Ruler Boys Name
Aron Lofty or Inspired Boys Name
Aarav Peaceful, Good Personality, Lord Ram, King Boys Name
Aaron Exalted One, High Mountain, Light Bringer Boys Name
Abdul Knowledge, Servant of the Lord Boys Name
Abner Father of Light Boys Name
Aedan Little Fire, Born of Fire Boys Name
Ahmad Highly Praised, Commendable Boys Name
Aiken Made of Oak, The Oaken Boys Name
Akeem Originating from God, Wise Boys Name
Albin White, Old English for Brilliant Boys Name
Alden Old and Wise Protector, Defender Boys Name
Aldis From the Old House, Old, Tired Boys Name
Alfie Counsel from the Elves, Ready for Battle Boys Name
Allan Harmony, Stone, Noble, Fair, Little Rock Boys Name
Alton From the Old Town, Ella's Town Boys Name
Alvin Noble Friend, A City on a White Hill Boys Name
Alwin Noble Friend, Defender Boys Name
Andre Manly, Brave, Masculine, Warrior, Strong Boys Name
Angel Messenger of God, Angel, Messenger Boys Name
Angus Unique Choice, Exceptional, Outstanding Boys Name
Ansel God's Protection, Follower of a Nobleman Boys Name
Anwar Devotee of God, Lustrous, Shiny, Brightest Boys Name
Arjun Confidence and Power, Pandava Prince Boys Name
Arlen Pledge Boys Name
Arman Expectations, Wish, Ideal, Hope, Aspiration Boys Name
Arnav Brilliant, Ocean, Sea, Vast, Endless Ocean Boys Name
Arvel Wept over Boys Name
Asher Blessed, Fortunate, Lucky, Happy, Felicitous Boys Name
Avery Counsel from the Elves Boys Name
Ayaan First Ray of the Sun, Nature, Temperament Boys Name