African Baby Names

1277 African Baby names available with meaning. Here is the updated list of 1277 African Baby names to name your baby on 2023.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Abasi Stern Boy
Abayomi Born to Bring Me Joy, From Yoruba Boy
Abd Slave, Servant Boy
Abdalla Servant of God Boy
Abdel Servant of God Boy
Abdou Boy
Abdu Worshipper of God Boy
Abdul Knowledge, Servant of the Lord Boy
Abdullah Servant of Allah, One who Serves the God Boy
Abeba Flower Girl
Abena Born on Tuesday, From Akan Girl
Abidin Worshippers, Adorers Boy
Abimbola Born Wealthy Boy
Abiola Born in Honor, Born During the New Year Boy
Abioye Boy/Girl
Abla Perfectly Formed, A Wild Rose Girl
Aboud Cloudy Boy
Abu Father (Pahlavi), Master Boy
Abubakar Noble Boy
Adal Precious, Nobel Boy
Adam Red Earth, First Human Being Boy
Adan Variation of Adam from the Red Earth Boy
Adanna Father's Loving Daughter Girl
Adanne Mother's Daughter Girl
Addo Happy, Ornament, King of the Road Boy
Adebowale Boy/Girl
Ademola Crown is Added to My Wealth Boy
Aden Fire Girl
Adenike The Crown is Loving, Affectionate Girl
Adetokunbo The Crown or Honor Came from over the Seas Boy
Adhra Apology, Virgin Girl
Adiel Goat Boy
Adila Equal, Just, Upright Girl
Adina Noble Minded, Slender, Delicate Boy
Adisa Clear Spoken Person, Ordered Boy
Adla Justice, Honest Girl
Adlan Merciful, Fair Boy
Adnan Name of God, Proper Name, Good Fortune Boy
Adrian Dark One, Rich Boy
Adric Blessed Ruler Boy

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