108 Names of Lord Shiva Baby Names

107 108 Names Of Lord Shiva Baby Names Available With Name Meaning. Browse All 107 108 Names Of Lord Shiva Baby Names And Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Aashutosh Name of Lord Shiva Boys Name
Aja Fire, Unborn, Purity, Path of Light Boys Name
Anagha Without Sin, Pure, Sinless Boys Name
Bhairav One who vanquishes fear, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Chandrapal Impressive, Master of the Moon Boys Name
Chandraprakash Moonlight, Moon light Boys Name
Dayalu Compassionate, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Durjaya Difficult to conquer, Unvanquished Boys Name
Gangadhara Lord of river Ganga, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Gurudeva Master of all, God of Guru Boys Name
Hara Lord Shiva, The Remover of Sins Boys Name
Jagadisha God, Master of the Universe Boys Name
Jatin Saint, Matted Hair, Lord Shiva, Saintly Boys Name
Kailas One who bestows peace Boys Name
Kailashnath Master of mount Kailash, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Kantha Throat, Neck, Beautiful, Ever-radiant Boys Name
Kapalin One who wears a necklace of skulls Boys Name
Lingaraja Good Shiva Name, Lord of the lingas Boys Name
Mahadeva Another name of Lord Shiva, Greatest God Boys Name
Mahamaya Great Illusion, Goddess Durga Boys Name
Mahanidhi A Great Treasure House, Great storehouse Boys Name
Mahesha Shiva, Supreme Lord Boys Name
Maheshwara Shiva, Lord of gods Boys Name
Nagabhushana One who has serpents as ornaments Boys Name
Nataraja King of Dancers, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Nilakantha Blue Throated, Blue Necked Boys Name
Omkara Om, Creator of Om, Mantra of Lord Shiva Boys Name
Paramjyoti Lord Shiva Boys Name
Pashupati Lord of all living beings Boys Name
Pinakin One who has a bow in his hand, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Pranava Praise, Salutation, The sacred syllable Om Boys Name
Priyadarshana Of loving vision Boys Name
Pushkara One who gives nourishment, Blue lotus Boys Name
Rudraksha Lord Shiva, Shiva Wear the Locket Boys Name
Sadashiva Eternal God, Lord Shiva, Eternally Pure Boys Name
Sanatana Eternal, Lord Shiva, Permanent, Eternal God Boys Name
Sarveshwara The Lord of All, Lord of all gods Boys Name
Shambhu Abode of Joy, Lord Shiva Boys Name
Shankara Beneficent, Bliss Maker, Giver of Joy Boys Name
Shoolin One who has a trident, Lord Shiva Boys Name

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