108 Names of Lord Rama Baby Names

107 108 Names Of Lord Rama Baby Names Available With Name Meaning. Browse All 107 108 Names Of Lord Rama Baby Names And Choose The Perfect Name For Your Baby.

Name Meaning Gender Like
Dasharathi Lord Rama Boys Name
Jaitra Leading to Victory, Life to Victory Boys Name
Janakinath Lord Rama Boys Name
Janardana Lord Krishna, One who helps people Boys Name
Jitamitra Vanquisher of foes Boys Name
Jitendra Winner, He Defeated Indra Boys Name
Mahadeva Another name of Lord Shiva, Greatest God Boys Name
Para Best Boys Name
Paraga Uplifter of the poor Boys Name
Parasme Most superior, Lord Rama Boys Name
Paresha Lord of the Lords, A Name for Lord Rama Boys Name
Raaghav Lord Rama Boys Name
Raghava Lord of God, Lord Ram, Ragavender God Boys Name
Rajeevalochana Lotus eyed, Lord Rama Boys Name
Rajendra Great Among Kings, King, A Mighty King Boys Name
Rama Lord Rama, Pleasing, Rejoicing Boys Name
Ramabhadra The most auspicious one Boys Name
Satyavrata Always truthful' href='Boy-Names-for-Meaning-truthful.aspx'>truthful Boys Name
Shoora Bold, A Name for Lord Hanuman, Valiant Boys Name
Soumya Soft, Loveable, Obedient, Good Nature Boys Name
Sundara Beautiful, Lovely, Handsome, Charming Boys Name
Trivikrama Conqueor of the three worlds Boys Name
Danta Calm, A Name for Lord Hanuman Boys Name
Dhanvine Lord Shiva, A name of Lord Rama Boys Name
Jitendriya Who has Control over Sense Organs Boys Name
Paratpara Greatest of the greats Boys Name
Ramachandra Rama of the Moon, As gentle as the Moon Boys Name
Shrimate Revered, Lord Hanuman Boys Name
Shashvata A Name for Lord Rama Eternal Boys Name
Vagmine Spolesman, Spokesman Boys Name
Varaprada Granter of wishes and boons Boys Name
Vedatmane Spirit of the Vedas Boys Name
Vatradhara Practising Penance, Lord Rama Boys Name
Adipurusha Primordial being Boys Name
Ahalyashapashamana Remitter of ahalyas curse Boys Name
Anantaguna Full of virtues Boys Name
Valipramathana Slayer of Vali Boys Name
Vibheeshana Pratishttatre One who crowned vibheeshana as king of lanka Boys Name
Vibheeshanaparitrate Befriended vibbeeshana Boys Name
Viradhavadha Slayer of the demon viradha Boys Name

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